How to Get the Most Out of Business to Business Marketing


Marketing isn’t about products, it’s about the people who use them. Understanding these people, from the language they use to the interests and values they hold, will ensure your marketing has impact.

While demand comes from consumers, business to business marketing is about meeting the needs of other professionals. These are the people you want to reach, and that means taking a unique approach.

B2B vs B2C: What’s the big difference?

B2B and B2C audiences are opposites in many ways, but they’re identical in many others. They’re people with different needs, challenges and wants, looking for something that will add value to different aspects of their lives.

The B2B market is largely seen to be comprised of information seekers with a thirst for knowledge. They’re seen as people more interested in logic as opposed to emotion, looking for efficiency and expertise as opposed to offers and entertainment. The B2C market, on the other hand, is understood to include people seeking promotions, entertainment and offers that speak to them on an emotional level. But is this really the case?

Regardless of what you think you know about B2B vs. B2C consumers, it’s important to remember the core goal remains the same.

The key to marketing that works lies in building empathy with your target market, regardless of what category they fall into.

This means every single business has one essential task to master: Knowing their audience.

B2B Marketing: How to get it right.

Every good marketing strategy is shaped around its consumers.

Like every consumer today, B2B buyers expect personalization and targeted messaging that speaks directly to them. According to Demand Gen Report’s latest B2B Buyer’s Survey, 75% expect relevant content that speaks directly to their company.

This means tailoring your message to the right people, responding directly to the need you can fill with valuable information, expertise and education. Read full article