Agency News

Kuehne + Nagel South Africa

Just launched: Kuehne + Nagel Logistics (SA), SAICE Geotechnical Division (SA), Innovative Consulting Solutions (US), Hambisa Taxi Insurance (SA), Kinderkrebshilfe Waldeck Frankenberg (DE)… Upcoming: Re-Launch Lombard Insurance (SA), Rochambeau Chapter (FR), AICR Chapter Singapore (SG), Joberg2C 2021 (SA); Everest Funerals (SA).

Just launched: Orgro – industrial psychologists (SA), Worldtech Consulting (UAE), Halliday Finch (KE), Soho NYC (SA), Just Motoring (SA). Coming soon: Insurety (international surety alliance), Auto Kurz – Transport Solutions (DE),  Africa Blogging (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung , SA)

Another year… we look forward to a lots of new exciting projects! Most recent launch… Match Trading – Drilling & Cutting Tools (SA). Upcoming projects: Shining Light Awards (De Beers Group, SA), Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau (CH), World Tech Consulting (UAE).

Launched higlights: Runlife (SA), the online portal for the running community, Hoppy People Brewery (CH),Toasties (NG) (fast-casual dining restaurant in Lagos), … Upcoming projects: Kuehne & Nagel South Africa (SA), SOHO (Beauty Treatments) (SA), SAIEG Member / Service Portal (SA), Redtree Capital (SA)

Studio Stirling

Launched: Lemontree Catering (SA), Future Now Consulting (SA), Gesamtschule Edertal (DE), AGBIZ (Agricultural Business Council South Africa) Event Manager, Studio Stirling Refresh. Upcoming projects: Harkness Safaries (BW), The Run Life (SA), Toasties Lagos (NG), Hoppy People (CH), Umweltstiftung Wolfhagen (DE).


Holiday Jobs

AICR Congress 2020

Holidays are here… and almost gone again, while others seek refuge in Europe from the cold. We have been keeping ourselves busy. Some of the current projects include AICR Congress Warsaw 2020 (PL), The African Opportunity Fund (SA), NAFU (National African Farmers Union of South Africa) (SA), The Rochambeau Chapter Paris (FR) and the Geotechnical Division of SAICE (South African Institution of Civil Engineering).


The latest

MSG Service Group

Upcoming projects… Vet Food Direct (SA), Future Now (SA), AICR Congress Warsaw (PL)… Latest launch: MSG Service Gruppe, incl. Atlas Nordhessen, Atlas Engel and Baucharter (DE)


May updates

Its been a “eventful” year for us so far… With Joberg2C MTB Race just finished, the next events are just around the corner. Starting with the Africa Shared Value Sumit this month in Nairobi (Kenya), Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau in June / Sierre (Switzerland), Tohu Bohu Festival in Veyras – Valais (Switzerland) in September and the 17th African Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (Cape Town) in October.


April updates

Launched: The Bull Run Restaurant (SA), Sakeng Rewards (SA), Hotel Excelsior (DE), Baecht & Kellhammer (DE)… Coming up: HoppyPeople Brewery (CH), Flow & Risk Security (CH), Tohu Bohu Festival (CH), Edertal Gesamtschule (DE), …

Just launched: The annual Festival Week-end au bord de l’eau (CH), The Performance Agency (SA), Bike Station Willingen – refreshment (DE), g2 Media Inc. (US)…. Coming up: joberg2c (the longest mountain biking stage race in South Africa) (SA), The Bull Run Restaunrant (SA), SAKENG Rewards (SA), Hotel Excelsior (DE)