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    Web Design and Development
    … our core business for more than 12 years. GTIS creates internet solutions ranging from entry level sites to enterprise portals (corporate sites, tourism-related applications, eCommerce, eLearning). Some of the open source solutions we work with are WordPress, CMSMS, Drupal, Expression Engine, and Typo3, Magento, xtCommerce, moodle.
    Websit emanagement toolsLook and Feel First impressions count, and with your input we develop a professional look and feel for your site, designed around your corporate identity, brand and the target audience.We keep up-to-date with current trends, always maintaining usability and functionality in our designs, ensuring user-friendliness and longevity.Internet users don’t read, they scan. Intelligent and effective content placement is essential; clutter should be avoided at all times. A portal is a visual experience, as images, illustrations and info-graphics are the best way to get the message across.Usability and AccessibilityIn short … keep it simple and don’t force the user to think. The site structure and navigation should be obvious and self-explanatory. We will ensure that your visitors are able to find what they are looking for.Accessibility has become one of the key elements on the web; visitors should be able to access your site, regardless of disability or device. We are using the latest design and development frameworks to cater for this wide spectrum.

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    Hospitality & Travel‏

    GTIS offers a number of tools and application designed and build around the hospitality and travel industry.

    • – Mobile enabled websites designed for the hospitality and travel industry
    • – PMS (Property Management Systems): (Front office, Food & Beverage, Conferencing, Housekeeping)
    • – eMarketing
    • – Booking / Reservation Systems (cloud and on-side)
    • – Analytical, tracking, conversion tools and services
    • – Centralised reputation management
    • – Channel / Distribution applications
    • – Translation services (English, German, French and Spanish)

    Hospitality and Travel IT services

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    Custom Online Applications
    Where open source solutions have their shortfalls, GTIS develops custom, online and cloud applications built around client / industry-specific requirements, backed up with solid and secure hardware, designed around your requirements.


    Some examples:

    • – Tourism online / cloud applications
    • – Document / file management
    • – Intranets / Extranets / CRM systems
    • – Financial management tools
    • – Tracking tools
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    Mobile Development

    We provide the following: Traditional responsive site, PWS (progressive web apps) and native application. We will assist you in finding the right solutions.

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    Data Mining, Online Surveys, Analysis and Implementation Plans
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    Social Media and eMarketing
    Social media has had a large impact on how people communicate with each other today. We can open this door for you and help you start communicating effectively with your customers / clients via their favourite platform/s. It is not just about likes and shares. We assist you in converting likes and followers into actual customers.


    Services include:

    • – Social media (management, site integration, applications)
    • – Bulk mailings / SMS (design, build, manage)
    • – Landing / Conversion pages
    • – Conversion and tracking tools
    • – Analysis, reporting and optimisation services
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    Search Engine Optimisation
    Search Engine Marketing

    Website analysis and Competitor Research
    Analysing your current site (pros and cons) and researching your competitors within your target search vertical are essential foundations when optimising your site.

    SEO – Onsite and Offsite Optimisation
    The most accessible and cost-effective way is the onsite optimisation. After the initial launch and optimisation through GTIS, clients are able to take control of the ongoing optimisation process.The key elements in off-site optimisation are the links to your website. Search engines use this factor to determine the rankings of your web pages.

    Creating organic relevant back-links can be done by writing articles related to your industry and submitting them to sites like magazines or papers popular within your industry.Submitting your site to industry-related directories, maintain a company blog, on your website or on its own, sharing the blog content across social media networks.Two organic methods achieve good results, the success lies within the mix and of the both and the continuity for both optimisation processes, even if the results may not surface within the first 2 – 3 months.

    SEM – Paid Advertisement
    Our search engines marketing services are designed to increase your conversion rate and drive targeted traffic to your site or landing page using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

  • Support
    We Support

    Service Level Agreements
    We offer post-development service level agreements. Alternatively, maintenance can be requested on an ad hoc basis.Monthly Statistics and Progress Reports

    We provide our clients with monthly / quarterly statistics and progress reports, together with detailed analyses and action plans.Infrastructure

    Networking, backup solutions and maintenance, ensuring efficient productivity at all times.

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    Hosting, Infrastructure and Security

    In line with our development, we also offer hosting solutions, catering for entry level, advanced and dedicated custom application servers, built around your requirements.Our entry- to advanced packages are all hosted on our semi-dedicated servers, offering reliability and competitive rates.

    Dedicated servers are built around the client’s specification and are optimised to run single or multiple applications or services on both Linux and Windows platforms.