Finish Line

Design is about making an idea possible, it’s not about having an idea. In reality, your idea is the cheapest thing you own. “Ideas aren’t worth that much on their own. Even the most brilliant idea is just a starting point, not something magical. A significantly compromised but executed design is infinitely more valuable than an abstract notion in mental isolation.” (Thought Merchants) The other day I was reading a great article by A List Apart on the illusion of control in web design. The article talks about how we, as designers, try to scrutinize every detail of an interaction — from pixel-perfect designs, to beautiful animations, to each tiny fraction of a second of...


Welcome 2019


New year… latest launches: Stadt Wolfhagen (DE), Africa Shared Value Summit 2019 (SA),  ODEK Alliance (SA), Edersee Bauernhof (DE) … Coming up: Boomerang Reisen (SA/ DE), Lemontree Catering (SA), Kuehne + Nagel Trading Platform UI (SA) and g2 Media Inc. (US)

Singles Day

Singles’ Day is the world’s biggest shopping event. In less than a decade, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. turned a quirky celebration for unmarried young adults in China into a global extravaganza drawing in thousands of retailers and hundreds of millions of shoppers of all ages — hitched or otherwise. It’s spread to other e-commerce operators and will include more brick-and-mortar stores than ever before this year. The big unknown: To what extent, if any, the brewing U.S.-China trade war will cut into Singles’ Day sales… read full article

Lombard Insurence

Here are the latest updates… AICR Congress London 2019 (UK), Next Management Consultants (SA), Lombard Insurence (SA), Resin Express (SA)… coming up: SAKENG (SA), Hotel Excelsior (DE), MSG (Maschinen Service Gruppe, DE), Agricultural Business Council Event Manager (SA)…

Buonomano Capital

Re/launches…. SW Africa Destination Management, re-launch of PowerBar SA and Buonomano Capital Construction. In the making: Wolfhagen City (DE),  The Performance Agency (SA), Lombard Insurence (SA), Orange-Senqu Water Information System (WIS) (SA), NEXT Management Consulting (SA).

Shared Value Inititive

Some of our latest projects:  TOHU – BOHU Festival 2018, AICR Congress London 2019, ongoing Empty Trips, Powerbar SA. Coming up… SW Africa re-launch, Buonomano Capital, Resin Express, Match Trading, ….