Archives 01/2021

Whats App Privacy

This follows calls from concerned users for people to ditch the Facebook-owned app for Signal. WhatsApp this week published an FAQ clarifying the terms of its updated privacy policy and responding to concerns that the firm behind the text-messaging app shares personal information with parent company Facebook. WhatsApp noted the update doesn’t affect the privacy of messages with friends and family, and instead relates to messaging businesses through the platform. The company also said the update “provides further transparency about how we collect and use data.” WhatsApp emphasized that neither it nor Facebook can see users’ private messages or hear their calls. WhatsApp also doesn’t keep logs of who people message or call, can’t see...


Hello 21

Fritz Motor Sport

  Happy New Year! … busy start, just launched: Fritz Motorsport (DE), Accussi Records (CH) & HIBOTEP (ET), SPE – Stainless Precision Engineering (SA). In the making: De Beers Shining Light Awards 2021 (BW), Shared Value Africa Initiative (SA).

Subscription Models

Selling a gadget isn’t enough anymore. Creators need to find a way to keep revenue coming in, even after they sell a device. Companies like Peloton sell the hardware, but also a service to go along with it. Ashley Carman reports on recurring revenue and subscription services, and why they might be the key to keeping hardware businesses afloat.