Archives 08/2015

Drone shot shot down

Here’s some news plenty of you will find to be a bummer: Just because a drone happens to be flying over your property, that doesn’t mean you can shoot it down. Sorry. A Kentucky man found out the hard way there are consequences for terminating a drone with extreme prejudice, no matter how annoying it may be. The man, who claimed the drone was spying on his sunbathing daughter and used a shotgun to terminate its flight, was charged with violating a variety of state laws, including criminal mischief. Part of the problem in determining what is and isn’t fair protection against drone encroachment is a web of laws and regulations that are inconsistent and...


Sites launched in the last 4 weeks… Elite Drive Placement website (SA), the new EAS (European Administration Services) website (UK) and the Cinnabar Investments site (MU). Upcoming projects include Bestlog Intercontinental (US), re-launch of World Select Recruitment (UK) and the African Green Elements website (SA).