Archives 05/2021

Launched this month… Lombard Insurance (SA), Shift Impact (SA), Jones & Wagner International (UK). Upcoming: Beswick Group (SA), Africa Shared Value Summit 2021 (SA), Tang Hospitality (SA).

Social Media

When we talk about social media monopolies, we focus too much on network effects, and not enough on switching costs. It’s time to tear down the walls. Wired (Gregori Saavedra) For my grandmother, Valentina Rachman, leaving the USSR was a momentous and difficult choice. Making her way across Europe to a camp in Germany, and thence to a Displaced Persons ship to Canada, meant facing enormous danger – including nearly being burned to death in an antisemitic arson attack in Poland – and then starting over in a new country where she had few contacts and could not speak the language. But even after she learned English and established herself and her family in Toronto,...