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Podcasts are a growing business. It seems like everybody already has a podcast. In this episode of The Big Picture, reporter Ashley Carman explains why podcasting has grown so quickly and why everyone has a podcast now.

Ad tracking

In the next few weeks, Apple will introduce a change to the iOS mobile operating system which powers millions of iPhones and iPads. It will force app developers to give users a choice over whether they want to be tracked when they leave the app and roam across the internet. Meanwhile Google has said it’s banishing the third-party cookies used to keep tabs on an individual’s web journeys from both its advertising networks and its Chrome browser. “It’s going to cause a major shock to the system,” Lara O’Reilly, from the Insider news site, tells Tech Tent. She explains that third party cookies, or Apple’s Identifier for advertisers, aren’t just about pestering you with that...