Archives 11/2020

Amazon Pharma

A little over two years after its $753 million acquisition of the prescription medicine delivery service PillPack, Amazon has finally launched Amazon Pharmacy, its online and mobile prescription medication ordering and fulfillment service. Using a secure pharmacy profile, customers can add their insurance information, manage prescriptions and choose payment options all through Amazon’s service. And in another small push toward wider healthcare services, and not just selling items (although, yes, the outcome is to sell items), users are provided with “self-service help” tools on Amazon’s portal, and they also have the option to speak to pharmacists over the phone for advice: “Friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer questions about medications.” After launching...

Digital Disinformation

In a high-stakes virtual life where fresh news and new “likes” can mean power and income, the spreading of vital information that sparks emotion and harnesses a following could be a powerful tool for good. But what if digital manipulation goes over to the dark side and targeted online campaigns bring about real-world hatred, conflict, confusion and harm? Carte Blanche investigates who and what lies behind misdirected hashtags on South African social media, intended to manipulate and exploit users. We analyse disinformation trends and meet the investigators who are unpacking fakes to help identify and combat the damage.

US Ele3ctions 2020 - Social Media Effects

Social media is everywhere these days. We take an in-depth look at just what kind of effect this growing online influence could have on voters in the US presidential election. What have the candidates, intelligence agencies and troll farms learnt since 2016 and what’s changed this time around? We find out more and also speak to political analyst Caitlin Chin. Meanwhile, with Covid-19 forcing more and more campaigners to stay home, social networks are overflowing with influencers