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Deceptive Silence

Our latest updates… Master Builders Association North (SA), Stoneridge Apartments in Lusaka (ZM), Tohu Bohu Open Air Music Festival (CH), Picco & Pedalo (DE), AICR Congress Switzerland (CH), stay tuned for more upadtes…

Say what? Machine-based translation still makes significant errors. But new techniques from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are much better, as shown by a new Hostelworld chat tool based on the tech. Six months ago, Google began providing an enhanced online translation service for foreign language texts that has leapfrogged in fluency, accuracy, and speed over its previous service. Google Translate says its service is improving more this year than in the last ten years combined. Travel businesses gain Slowly but surely, online travel sellers will soon see the benefits, as more accurate translations are enabling clearer communication and more bookings. A good example of a travel company using the new tech is Hostelworld, a hostel...