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16/17 Switch

We wish all our clients, partners and friends a great Festive Season and all the best in the New Year! Some of the updates…FN Services (LUX), Hotel Hochheide (DE), Week-end au bord de l’eau (CH). Launches in December included GEAR Intranet/Extranet (SA) and the AICR UK and Picco & Pedalo (DE)

Internet usage Germany population 2016

WIESBADEN – 81% of the approximately 62 million internet users in Germany use their mobile phones or smartphones to access the internet (first quarter 2016 online). As the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) further reported, 69% use their laptops or netbooks and two-thirds (65%) desktop computer to get on the web. Approximately every fifth Internet user (19%) used a Smart TV to access the Internet. 17% used other devices such as a game console or e-readers. 62% of Internet users in the first quarter of 2016 watched online videos from video sharing services such as YouTube. Approximately one in two (47%) listened to music on Internet radio or online – streaming services. 39% watched Streaming services...