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April snapshot

Bikestation Willingen

Just launched BikeStation Willingen (DE), Jindal Africa update (SA) and AGBIZ Congress (SA). Upcoming… Mpho Osei Tutu (SA) and Tandem Liber Holdings (BVI).

Internet Access Developing Countries

Facebook FB -1.06% has taken new steps in its quest to connect the entire world to the Internet — and to its social network. On Wednesday, the company unveiled two new terrestrial systems built to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of Internet connectivity around the world: Terragraph for dense urban areas and ARIES for developing countries. Facebook FB -1.06% announced its two new systems at its annual F8 conference in San Francisco, attended by about 2,500 developers. Terragraph is a 60GHz wireless system aimed at bringing high speed internet to dense urban areas. Facebook FB -1.06% is currently testing the system at its headquarters and plans to test the system soon in the city...