Archives 03/2016

LIFI Internet

What if we could use existing technologies to provide Internet access to the more than 4 billion people living in places where the infrastructure can’t support it? Using off-the-shelf LEDs and solar cells, Harald Haas and his team have pioneered a new technology that transmits data using light, and it may just be the key to bridging the digital divide. Take a look at what the future of the Internet could look like.

Sw Africa

Just launched… SW Africa Destination Management (SA), Bunte Steuerungen (DE), Extranet Studio Stirling (CH) and FDT Africa Trade Fair Reservations (SA). Upcoming: Van Jones Events / The Meat Brothers / CBM Training / Dr. Meischke Sales & Marketing research (DE)

Trends in tourism

A work-addled American loses his laptop in Paris and finds love in the form of Margaux, a beautiful French woman who tells him, naturellement, to stop obsessing and enjoy life. No, this isn’t the feel-good romantic comedy of the summer, but a 25-minute film produced by Marriott Hotels that despite its length, logged upwards of 6 million views at this writing. The film, which took place well before the horrific events in Paris in November, is also possibly the answer to a question plaguing the industry: How can a brand emotionally connect with possible customers? For a long time, this conundrum stymied many travel companies. When you sell experiences, which is what most travel companies...