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Travel Brands that don’t understand Social Media will perish. At this point, in 2015, about 11 years after the founding of Facebook...

5 ways to kill your dreams

All of us want to invent that game-changing product, launch that successful company, write that best-selling book. And yet so few of us actually do it. Brazilian entrepreneur Bel Pesce breaks down five easy-to-believe myths that ensure your dream projects will never come to fruition


April update….

Coming up… Re-launch of the Municipal Councillor’s Pension Fund website (SA)  and the Agricultural Business Council website (SA). Also in the making is Blogging Africa (SA), a political blog featuring African writers from all over the continent supported by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Other projects include Bestlog Logistics (DE), QuantiMetrics (Branding and web development) (SA)…  By the way, ons het dit gedoen, our first Afrikaans site: Also launched was the annual 2015 Week-end au bord de l’eau  Festival website…