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Airline Industry

One strategy for progress in the e-mail marketing space is as simple as a friendly reminder. American Airlines discovered this when it began to implement its Abandoned Cart Program in 2013. Similar to the outcome of using effective attribution models to reach travelers in responsive ways, triggered e-mail strategies such as Abandoned Cart work further personalize the subscriber’s experience. In this case, American used consumer intention as its basis. That is, any cart on the airline’s ticketing site that was left for more than 24 hours with an un-purchased trip inside prompted the airline to send an e-mail to the shopper. The new e-mail offered the lowest and most flexible flight based on what the recipient...

YouTube Spaces

Its no secret that there are many “YouTuber’s” out there make a very good living from their published videos / channels. Take for example the user “PewDiePie” whos income is (after the ~ 45% cut to Google) estimated anywhere between 800 000 – 8.5 mil USD. Realising the potential of good quality videos YouTube has started supporting video creaters with a good follower base  trough their worldwide located YouTube Spaces. Even thought there is a lot of controversy around the the whole “thing”,… for the average user this means not just better content but also better quality videos… Some YouTube statistics YouTube has more than 1 billion users Every day people watch hundreds of millions...


The latest…

Our latest launched projects include Landhaus Berkrone (DE), Elite Chauffeur Services (SA), Global One Engineering (BA) and the Johannesburg Mountain Bike Club (SA). Upcoming projects include the re-launch of Gauteng Opera, the new GHI Architectual Solutions (SA) website and the 9th edition of the Festival « 2015 Week-end au bord de l’eau » (CH).